In my middle years.

Smarter than I used to be.

Hard to say if I can maintain that trajectory.

Will write computer code for food.

This blog will not be about getting things done, I think.  It will be more about taking a step back and looking, more carefully.  Usually that just generates more questions, rather than answers, which would be just fine.

My time in the wilds of IT has taught me to believe in questions more than answers.  At any given moment, it is impossible to have all the answers you need.  However, shouldn’t you at least know the questions?  Otherwise, might you not be fooling yourself?  You may not even know what you don’t know.  On some days that seems a fate worse than death, to me.

It turns out that I get a kick out of putting a thought down on paper.  So this blog is also about learning to write.

Finally, I hate writing resumes.  So I am hoping, these pages, will reduce that need.

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