Are you packing lunch?

This sammich is turning out to have staying power.

Start with whole wheat bread, from Costco.

On one slice, first lather on a generous glop of plain hummus, from Costco.

Then, cut cherry tomatoes (from Costco) in half and artfully place the halves, flat face down, all across the hummus coat.

Next, slice into thin strips, cold, red (must be red. I mean, if you are going to splurge on a Mustang, it must be yellow. Same reason), peppers. These go on, and around the tomato halves.

A teaspoon of extra virgin Spanish olive oil, from a barrel in the Strip district, sprinkled on the veggies.

Top this with crushed red pepper.

Did I mention that the peppers came from Costco?

Almost there.

Cover this edifice with exactly two slices of cheese. I used Swiss, and cheddar. Swiss is good, because it is hard, and gives you an element of crunch. Crunch is important. Close it off with another slice of bread.

The home stretch.

Wrap the whole thing in a crisp sheet of wax paper. Into a sandwich bag, and the fridge, for a few hours.

Eat it cold.

Wait. Forgot two things.

Throw in some fresh cilantro. And the cheese, wax paper, and sandwich bags came from Costco.

You probably guessed by now , I have a thing for Costco. Their stuff gives me an amazing warm and fuzzy – unfailingly decent quality, and with extra warranty. I wish I was from Costco.