Knowing a tool vs knowing software development

Give an enterprise developer a top notch table saw, and a 500 dollar power drill.

Give that developer all the training he wants on those tools.

Ask the developer to build a chair.

His chair will come out with 4 legs of different lengths, cracks in the seat, and a couple of nails sticking out.

The developer knows how to use his fancy tools, but he does not know how to build a chair.

That is the difference between knowing how to use a tool, and knowing how to do software development.

They are two different bodies of knowledge, two different sets of skills.

By the way, that chair has business value.  If you must sit, and that chair is all you have, you will sit on that chair, carefully, and with a few choice curses.  I am willing to bet that this is how business folks view most enterprise software that they are saddled with.

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